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Frequently Asked Questions

➢    How much experience do I need for this workshop?

Because the tutoring is individual and you will be working at your own pace, the instructor can help your painting practice whether your skill level is beginning, intermediate or advanced.


➢    What do I need to bring?

For painting outdoors, you will want sunscreen and a hat with a brim. The hat is important not only to protect your skin but also to keep the sun out of your eyes so you can see your work. The Costa Brava area doesn’t have a big pest problem, but sometimes flies, gnats and other small insects can be a nuisance, so you may want insect repellent.


➢    Is transportation provided?

Airfare and transfers are not included. If any excursions are included in the workshop, transportation will be provided by a licensed third party.


➢    How do I get to the retreat?

From Barcelona you will take a train to Flaca, a small town one station stop after the city of Girona. In Flaca you will take a taxi a 5-minute drive to the villa Can Nato in Rupia. The address is provided upon booking. If you wish to rent a car and drive, you can pick up a vehicle in Girona which is about a 20 minute drive. We will be happy to provide directions after your booking.


➢    Is Wifi available?

Wifi is available in one of the salon rooms of the house.


➢    Will my cell phone work?

Yes, there is good cell phone coverage throughout the area; however, check your mobile contract to see if roaming and data charges will apply. Charges can be avoided by using the villa’s free Wifi to place phone calls via Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, check email and use other internet services.


➢    Is there air conditioning?

There is no air conditioning, but the Costa Brava evenings are cool for sleeping in September 60F (16C).


➢    How many students will be in the class?

Class size ranges from the minimum of 6 to a maximum of 10.


➢    Will there be a vegetarian option?

Please let us know of any dietary restrictions. We will try to meet vegetarian and gluten-free requests.