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Classical Workshops

Classical Workshops for Drawing & Painting are designed to provide a high level of training in an atelier atmosphere for serious students of representational art. While the classes are taught in English, the teachers are often fluent in multiple languages to provide individual attention. Students are coached in the use of classical materials - pencil, charcoal and oil paints - following methods of French 19th century ateliers. Daily studio work employs live models or still life setups while landscape classes are conducted outside on location.


Classes are tailored to address all skill levels with the goal of achieving competency and confidence in representing visual reality. The teachers are trained in traditional methods and specialize in helping students advance their craft in a supportive manner.

“I enjoyed learning from the different teachers. I would love to repeat the experience.” – Raquel Cuomo, Barcelona, March 2016


““El taller de dibujo que hicimos el año pasado me ayudó mucho en mi proceso de aprendizaje de retrato - una atmósfera muy distendida, amable y cordial favorecía el aprendizaje. Los profesores estupendos, el lugar magnífico.” (The drawing workshop that we did last year helped me a lot in my portrait learning process - a very relaxed, friendly and cordial atmosphere favored learning. Great teachers, great place.) - Mabel Martin, Barcelona, March 2016